Cindy Sherman's "Untitled Film Still 54"

I love Cindy Sherman’s self portraits. I love how she becomes someone else in them.

Self-portraits are something that I’ve taken a lot of. I’ve taken the requisite photos in a bathroom mirror, but I’ve also taken more artistic self-portraits.  The more I take them, the more I enjoy it. It’s quite a process to set up a photo and get everything just right in one shot. I can really appreciate how much work went into the shots that Cindy Sherman came up with. I can also appreciate the amount of precision that was necessary when using film. With digital, if I mess up, I can see it, adjust, then reshoot.

Part of the reason I enjoy doing self-portraits so much is because it means that I don’t have to find a model or direct them. I’m incredibly shy and don’t always know how to ask someone to model for me or how to direct them. Sometimes I find it difficult to communicate what exactly it is I have in my head. I like the time I spent by myself working on getting a photo just right. I just like being by myself, I guess, figuring things out and making myself look different. I like being my own subject because I know me, I know my angles, I know and am comfortable with my body and the way I photograph it.


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