Street Photography

All of these photos are by Markus Hartel. I really enjoy the way he captures the street, especially with his double exposure photos. The double exposed photos seem chaotic, the way the street is. I love street photography because it’s photographing just as you see it. It has a grit and an almost dirty feeling to it at times, but it can also be glossy, the way some of Hartel’s photos are. There are also the most interesting characters on the street.

I enjoy documentary photography the most because it’s supposed to be the truth. I like photos that are unaltered, unedited, unphotoshopped. I got into photography under the guise of going into photojournalism. Street photography was really how I got started. I started taking photos while I was out, things that caught my interest, strangers that didn’t know I was there (even if that’s creepy). The best photos are the ones people don’t know you’re taking.


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