Window Light

Steve McMurry's photo of an Afghan girl

Jennifer Williams' boudoir photo

Jennifer Williams boudoir photo

Jennifer Williams' boudoir photo

Renaissance Studios wedding photography

Renaissance Studios wedding photography

Renaissance Studios wedding photography

This is the main source of inspiration for this assignment. The girls expression and her eyes are so prominent. I really wanted to focus on catching the eyes. I borrowed elements from Jennifer Williams’ boudoir photography, namely the shallow focus and the make up from one of the models, to bring more focus on the eyes, as I lack the same bright green eyes as the Afghan girl. I curled up in a blanket on my bed and wrapped up so that most of my face was covered and my eyes were prominent. It was difficult because the autofocus on my camera wasn’t working. I had to focus it to a point and then try to put myself in the same position every time. Some shots were more successful than others.

What I love about the other window light photos is the way the light fades off so softly, with a bright high light where the subject is close to the light. I love that bright highlight and then soft falling off of light in many of the others. In the silhouette, there is that bright highlight, and then the light falls of sharply. I tried to duplicate that as I was losing light. The highlight is not as bright as I would have liked.

I would certainly use the window again. It’s the biggest inside my house. However, I would probably try and shoot earlier in the day, as I was losing light. I might also try shooting in my bathroom, which has a high north-facing window and I love the light inside that room.


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